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If you have reached this page, you are probably aware by now of my reputation in the Matlab community.

After over 10 years of software development in a variety of roles from programmer to top-management, I currently consult software development projects. I would be happy to assist your project, by either solving a particular problem or in designing and/or developing scalable, robust high-performance modules or even entire applications.

My Matlab specialties include performance tuning, I/O, GUI, integration with Java, ActiveX, hardware and other externals. But even if you have other programming needs, I can probably answer your needs.

I’m a good programmer. I’m an expert Matlab programmer, Knowing the ins-and-outs of Matlab, I can often deliver a working solution in a fraction of time that it would take a non-expert programmer.

I have delivered actual working software, completing numerous cycles of the software life-cycle: definition, design, development, integration, testing, deployment, training, and maintenance. I can help your project in any or all stages of its development, from concept definition, through design, development and all the way to maintenance and bug fixing.

I get things done: I deliver on time, on budget, with extremely high quality and attention to detail and with excellent communication. As evidenced by my popular and highly-rated utilities on the Matlab File Exchange, the code I create is very well-documented, fault-tolerant, scalable, backward-compatible (with other platforms and/or releases) and performant.

As evidenced by some of my clients, I also get consistently high rating from clients. In fact, most of my revenues come from repeat clients – this attests more than anything else to their level of satisfaction.

With my experience, I can provide extremely reliable and professional software, very quickly, for a very competitive cost. My products are top quality, and developed extremely fast. Without meaning to sound pompous, I believe that I can provide a better cost-benefit ratio than many full-time Matlab programmers. In fact, I can do stuff that few other Matlab programmers in the world know is even possible (keep reading this blog and you might be one of them…).

I am quite flexible in the consulting mechanism:

I can work remotely, or at your location, or in combination
I can work on retainer basis, or T&M (hourly/daily fee), or a fixed-price proposal, or in combination
I can deliver everything at once, or divide the work into milestone steps
- You are in the lead, and you can decide based on your specific needs.

Convinced? Or need more convincing? Email me (Ariszheng at gmail dot com)

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