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Commodities Trading with MATLAB

This submission contains files from the “Commodities Trading with MATLAB” webinar, broadcast on July 25, 2013. The webinar can be viewed at: https://www.mathworks.com/wbnr78374.

Specific topics include: * Importing data from sources including CSV files, databases and datafeeds * Trading strategy development in MATLAB
* Performing back-testing and walk-forward analysis * Interacting with real-time trading platforms

It is recommended that you watch the webinar to see how the trading strategy is built.



Output a structure of matrices and cell arrays to a comma delimited file with field names as column headers. A simple method for exporting data structures.

s : any structure composed of one or more matrices and/or cell arrays
fn : file name

Written by James Slegers, james.slegers_at_gmail.com

Covered by the BSD License


Overview: ————

csvreader is a robust comma separated value (CSV) function for MATLAB. The built-in CSV reading in MATLAB is either for numeric data only (csvread) or does not handle complex strings (dataset). There is no built-in MATLAB function that handles reading CSV files that contain quoted strings that may contain commas. For example, the following CSV will be problematic for MATLAB to read in correctly:

Joe Demo,”2 Demo Street, Demoville, Australia. 2615″,joe@someaddress.com    Jim Sample,”3 Sample Street, Sampleville, Australia. 2615″,jim@sample.com    Jack Example,”1 Example Street, Exampleville, Australia. 2615″,jack@example.com

The second entry of each line is an address that contains a comma. Non-robust CSV parsers will fail to put the entire address in the same cell. Further, csvreader will accept quoted strings that contain line breaks.

For help and example usage, type “help csvreader” from the MATLAB command window.

Installation: ————

The csvreader function uses a Java Archive (JAR) library from the opencsv project. In order to be called from within MATLAB, the opencsv JAR must be placed on MATLAB’s Java class path. For more information on the MATLAB java class path see http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_external/bringing-java-classes-and-methods-into-matlab-workspace.html

To install the JAR follow the following steps:

1. Open MATLAB and change the working directory to the same folder as the opencsv 2.3.jar and installCSVReader.m 2. Run the install script by typing ‘installCSVReader’ in the MATLAB command window

Developers: ———— If you would like to contribute to the development of this function, you can fork this project from my BitBucket repository: https://bitbucket.org/kkusano/csvreader

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