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SCOPE: interactively tabulate SEER excel variables

This program asks the user for the SEER variable stored in excel, it tabultes the elements, then write it back to the excel. This facilates creation of excel tables for reporting and publication purposes. Otherwise, manually copying the tabulated results will be very tedious.


This command plots the mean (or median) ± SD of one or more samples alongside the raw data. The raw data are “jittered”. In data arrays, samples are in rows, categories are in columns. There can be differences in sample sizes between categories. Several parameters of the plot can be altered at the command line, including plotting mean to the left or right of the raw data and plotting SD with or without caps. Categories can be sorted in ascending order by mean (or median). Category names are provided in separate cell array (colheaders). “data” and “colheaders” are the default names for data imported from an Excel file.

Calculate Excel Range

xlrange = xlcalcrange(h,refCell,r,c,m,n)returns the full target range, xlrange in Excel A1 notation to cover an m-by-n array, starting from an offset of r rows & c columns from the starting cell, refCell.

Any workbook\worksheet prefix is removed from refcell, as are any absolute ‘$’ markers prior to range calculation. i.e. refcell = ‘C:\directorypath\[filename.xlsm]worksheet1′!$P$6:$AC$91


refcell = P6:AC91

refcell can also be an Excel named range, but requires the Excel workbook to be open via an actxserver COM object, and a handle to the object, h, passed as a function argument. h is ignored if refcell is not a named range.

Note: this file makes use of 2 functions: dec2base27.m & base27dec.m that were sourced from inside of Mathwork’s function, xlswrite.m

Please let me know of any bugs

Getting your data from Matlab into either an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word Table

A simple and quick way of manually getting your data from Matlab into either an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word Table. This can be done by the time it takes to find the range needed for xlswrite. The clipboard is used instead of a COM interface.

Perfect for quickly getting data into a Word or Excel report. A single paste can populate an entire nxm table in Word with a nxm data set.

Three Easy Directions: Generate data set A from your own code. Type toTable(A). Paste into Excel Spreadsheet or Word Table.

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