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A toolbox for calculating and optimizing technical analysis trading systems.

Technical Analysis Tool

This UI driven application allows users to

- load time series data from several sources (yahoo, MATLAB, etc…) depending on which MATLAB toolboxes the user is licensed for.

- calculate and display several of the simpler technical analysis indicators. (Generally indicators that only require one time series for their calculation, i.e. not those requiring open, close, high and low time series’ data.)

- zoom and analyze different time periods of data

- export the results back to MATLAB

The application was written some time ago, however it has just been updated to make use of the timeseries object in MATLAB R2006a. (It should be backwards compatible with earlier releases of MATLAB.)

Its primary purpose is to demonstrate some of MATLAB’s UI building capabilities. Hence the reason for only including a small subset of available technical indicators. More complex indicators may be added at some time in the future.

See the ReadMe file for setup and usage information.

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